Using Modules

Modules are the building blocks of your Course. Think of a Module as an individual lesson. Each Module, whether it is viewing a video, reading a PDF, answering an assignment question, or taking a quiz, is strung together with other Modules to lead your Students through your Course. 


Students can only access a Module if it has been added to a Course that the Student is enrolled in.

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Types of Modules

There are nine different types of Modules available for you to use. Let's take a quick look at each of them.

Text/HTML Modules 

Text/HTML Modules are a blank canvas for you to include any information you'd like. Think of it like building a webpage for an individual lesson. Learn more about Text/HTML Modules here.

PDF Modules

PDF Modules are custom built to display your PDF files in an easy to read format, complete with special controls to allow your students to easily read through your document. Learn more about PDF Modules here.

Video Modules

Video Modules allow you to easily share video content with your Students. You can display YouTube or Vimeo videos, or upload your own video file directly. Learn more about Video Modules here.

Webinars Modules

Webinars Modules allow you to launch a live webinar from inside your course. Connect with your Students over Big Blue Button, Zoom, Vimeo Live Streaming, or GoTo Webinar. Learn more about Webinars Modules here.

SCORM Modules

SCORM Modules are LMS files created outside Academy of Mine using the SCORM standard. If you already have SCORM Modules made, you can add them to your course this way. Learn about SCORM here. And learn more about SCORM Modules here

Quiz Modules

Quiz Modules allow you to build your own quiz, which can be customized and randomized in a number of ways. Learn more about Quiz Modules here.

Assignment Modules

Assignment Modules allow you to grade a Student's response to a prompt you provide. Students can write a response inside the Module, or upload a file to be graded. Learn more about Assignment Modules here.

Discussion Modules

Discussion Modules allow you to interact with your Students. You can post a discussion topic, and Students can reply to you with comments. Learn more about Discussion Modules here.

Evaluation Modules

Evaluation Modules allow you to create your own feedback form, to hear opinions directly from your Students. Learn more about Evaluation Modules here.

Creating a Module

You can create a Module by heading to the dashboard. Inside the Courses section, you will be able to select the type of Module you would like to make.

Selecting Videos Module, for example, will take you to the Videos Modules page. There you will be able to create a new Module by clicking the Create Video Module button.

Alternatively, you can choose to add any Module you'd like from the Quick Add menu, found in the top right corner of every Admin page.

Your Modules

All Modules you create will be stored in the Admin dashboard by Module type. You can find all your PDF Modules by navigating to Courses > PDF Modules.

Here you will be able to edit or delete any existing Module using the Actions menu, or filter Modules by the Courses that include them.

Adding a Module to a Course

If you already have a Course created, you can add your Module to the Course in the Course curriculum page.

Inside the Course curriculum page you can rearrange your Modules by clicking and dragging a Module until it is in the correct order.

You can also lock your Module, so it can't be skipped without completing it first. You can set the availability of your Module so a Student can view the Module immediately or on a date set by you. And finally, you can set a timer, forcing your Student to spend a set amount of time inside the Module before they are allowed to move on.