Getting Started With Instructor-Led Training

We are so excited to get you up and running with your platform! We offer many different functions, and we've created this guide to help you get familiar with everything as you get started with Instructor-Led Training.  In this article, let's take a quick look at what Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is, and what its advantages are. 

With the distinctive rise of e-learning, education has changed dramatically. When teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms online, Instructor-Led Training is an approach that allows the learners to have real-time access to the instructors and the related training programs. When learners are distracted, their retention rate decreases. By having a dedicated education area, they are not as tempted to check their email, scroll through social media, or work on something else. This is a good model, though is only successful if you choose the right instructors. 

This form of training has one or more instructors who teach skills or material to another person or group through lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. Most often, it's used to instruct a group that allows you to deliver many trainee hours of training for each hour of the instructor's time!

Now let's see what AOM can do to help:

  • You can manage all your instructors (and other user roles) by granting or revoking their permissions to allow or disallow their access to the selected functionalities for your Learning Management System (LMS). For instance, you may choose to allow different integrations access per user, or if instructors create/list/delete course contents and more. 
  • Along with Self Paced courses where the student can take the course online at their own pace (this can include webinar modules where the instructor can have a live session), we also have Instructor Led courses as well. These courses are made up of classes instead of modules. The classes each have a date, time and location that they are offered and the student will attend the classes. The location can be both in-person, or virtual. Instructor Led courses have the ability for you to track attendance: you can mark a student as registered, attended, a no show, or cancelled. 

    Note that Instructor Led courses mentioned above may not be available to legacy users. Please contact support if you have questions about the availability of this feature and adding it to your platform! 

Here are some more detailed articles to help you get your LMS set up easily for the Instructor-led training:


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