Introduction to Users

A user is anyone who has access to the platform, whether that be as a learner taking courses, or an admin role who is managing the account. With that, there are several different types of user roles in the platform--Super Admin, Admin, Group Admin, Student, and Instructor. These roles each have their permissions and privileges in the platform, including a dashboard tailored to its role.

The video below will walk you through a quick overview of the types of roles as well as how to enroll students into the platform. We've also included a set of articles at the bottom of this page that will help you understand the different types of user roles in your LMS as well as how to add additional users to your platform, whether new administrator users for your colleagues or students to enroll in courses.

Next Steps in Understanding Users

For clients whose membership started after September 25, 2023, please review our help article User Types and Permissions.

  1. User Roles and Permissions
  2. Adding a User
  3. Enrolling Students
  4. Managing Student Certificates