Adding Images to Courses and Products

If you want to add an image to a Course or Product that Students will see when viewing a Course or browsing your Products, our Featured Images feature will be just the ticket. When used correctly, Featured Images will give users a custom visual reference for your Course or Product. With that in mind, we recommend thinking about how you want the images to reflect your Courses and Products--the result will be a clean, unique look. We also suggest uploading and selecting images in such a way that users will be able to quickly recognize related Products that are all part of a series, or Courses that are in the same category. If you don't add a featured image, a sample image will be used instead. 

As you may already know, there is a difference between Courses and Products. Courses contain modules, which make up the curriculum of your learning content. Products are how you deliver Courses to the Students via eCommerce and is how Students are able to purchase and enroll in the Courses via the Course Catalog. For more information, check out these guides on Creating Courses and Creating Products

As Courses and Products are different, you're able to add a featured image to each, and the process to do so is fairly similar. In this guide, we'll be going through the processes for adding a featured image to each of these items and where these images will show to users. Keep in mind, all the actions in this article will be accessible to Admins  users, and other users will not have permission to upload or edit featured images.

Be sure to review our overview of the Media Library: The Media Library and Uploaded Files.

In this article

Featured Images are not required, however we do recommend them to bring a sense of cohesion to your platform as well as help associate an image to the Course or Product to make it stand out to the users. 

The Featured Image will work best with a 3:2 aspect ratio, with the width being 1.5 times the size of the height. We recommend image dimensions of 300 px by 200 px for the best performance and visibility. Larger images can cause issues with page size and performance. Smaller images can cause formatting issues. The key is that all Featured Images should be the same size, so they look uniform in the student view and Course Catalog.

If you choose not to add an image to a Course or Product, a sample image will be displayed instead. This same sample image will be the same for all Courses and Products that do not use a custom Featured Image.

Course Image:

Product Image:

Adding a Featured Image to a Course

Adding a Featured Image to your Course will help give students a custom visual reference to associate with the Course within their Student Dashboard, and will also show on the Manage Course screen for Admins and Group Admins. You can add a featured image when you're creating your Course, or you can edit the Course and add one later. 

  1. Adding a featured image is found on Step 1: Basic Info tab of a Course. This can be found by going to Courses, then All Courses from the Admin Dashboard. If you are editing an existing Course, click the three-dot action menu to the right of the Course you want to add the image to, or click +Create Course to add a new Course. 
  2. When adding the information in the "Step 1: Basic Info" tab, use the Browse Media button on the right side of the screen to access the Media Library. 
  3. Here you can select the image you would like to use for your Featured Image. If you need to add an image to the Media Library, you can upload one by dragging and dropping it where directed or click on the "Upload Media" button to search on your computer. 

  4. Once you have added the image, click Update Course to save your changes, or continue through creating the Course if you're adding a new one.

Where the Course Featured Image Shows

Once the Course has been saved or updated, the Featured Image of the Course will appear in multiple locations, including the Manage Course page and the Student's "My Courses" page.

The Manage Course page for Admins:

The Student Dashboard and "My Courses" page:

Add a Featured Image to a Product

The Featured Image of a Product will appear in the Course Catalog. We recommend uploading a unique image to make your Product stand out! The featured image is added when you are creating a Product, or you may add one to an existing Product by editing said Product. 

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, choose eCommerce, then click Products
  2. Opt to +Add Product if you're adding a new one, or click the three-dot menu to the right of an existing Product and choose Edit
  3. Now you're in the General Details menu item. Click on Browse Media on the Browse Media button on the right side of the screen. 
  4. Once in the Media Library, you can select an image that has already been uploaded by clicking on "Choose/Select" under the image filename, or you can upload a new image by either dragging it was directed or by clicking the "Upload Media" button to add one from your computer. 
  5. Remember to click Save Product or Update Product when you're done

Where the Product Featured Image Shows

This is what a Product Featured image looks like when a student sees it in the Course Catalog: