Introduction to Automated Emails

Automated emails are used for several purposes in the platform. They alert Students about their Course enrollment and graded submissions made inside their Courses, they alert users and Admins about payments being made, and they can help a user regain access to their account with a password reset. Using automated emails is a great way to keep all of your users notified about updates to their Courses or accounts, without having to manually reach out to anyone.

This guide is designed to assist you with everything you will need to know about how automated emails are sent from the platform. Automated emails can be customized in a number of ways. Platform branding can be used in your messages, and each message can be personalized to the user with the use of shortcodes (which are dynamic fields that fill in the appropriate content). You can even enable or disable an automated email entirely. 

The following guides below will walk you through every aspect of the automated email process, and you can also view this video for a quick overview as well:


Configuring Automated Email Settings


Editing Automated Email Templates


Automated Account Emails


Automated LMS Emails


Automated eCommerce Emails


Automated Other Emails