Customizing Branding

In order to more seamlessly integrate Academy of Mine with your company's site and branding, you have the option of customizing your platform through adding your logo, selecting the color scheme, adding custom styling, and more. It's helpful to set up the branding for your platform in a way that represents your business and Students feel like they are on your platform! 

In this article, we'll go through the options available for platform customization, and you can check out the video below for a quick overview as well.

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Site Logo

The site logo will appear in multiple locations throughout the platform. This includes the header of all site pages, the dashboard, the login and registration pages, and on all the automated emails that go out from the LMS. We also have the option to add a mobile logo, which will replace the large logo when your platform is viewed on a device with a smaller screen. 

For example, here is the logo:

And the mobile logo:

Adding your logo and mobile logo

To add your logo, follow these steps:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select Branding and then choose Logo & Colors.
  2. Click Browse Media next to the type of logo you want to add (logo or mobile logo).
  3. Choose Choose/Select next to the proper file if your logo has already been uploaded to the media library.
    1. If your logo is not already in the media library, add your image by dragging your file or selecting Upload Media. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, it will be listed in the Media Library, and you can select it using the Choose/Select button provided next to the file. 
    2. The recommended dimensions for your main logo are 350px by 80px, and 50px by 50px for the mobile logo. We also recommend a transparent background for your logo image or make sure that the background of the image does not clash with the body background color that can also be selected on the Logo & Colors page. 
  4. Click the Save Changes button when you are done!

Brand Colors

It is also possible to customize the colors of your platform to better match with your company branding and its one of the first things we recommend clients to do. There are three colors you can choose to customize and which will be used throughout your platform: theme color, body background color, and body text color.

  • Theme color will be the main color to accent your platform. This color will be used in a variety of locations, including on buttons, the dashboard, in text links, progress bars, and as the header color inside Course Player. By default, this will be the purple theme color of Academy of Mine. Also, you will see "plain" colors across the platform for secondary buttons. That will essentially be the lighter color of the theme color you select here.
  • Body background color will act as the background across your entire platform. For better readability, we recommend a lighter color, and most clients actually choose to keep it set to the default selection.
  • Body text color will be the main text color across your entire platform. We recommend a darker color that will work well with your body background color. In most cases, some shade of dark gray to black works best for most of our clients. 
  • Header background color will be the background of the header at the top of your pages. If the background of your logo is transparent, keep this in mind as the header background will fill in the background of the logo.
  • Menu text color will be the color of the text on the menu bar.

Customizing Colors

To customize brand colors and the theme color, follow these steps:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select Branding and then choose Logo & Colors.
  2. Click the arrow icon on the color option that you'd like to update, and select the theme color from the color picker. Or, if you know your branding's hex color code, you can enter it under the color picker. Be sure to click the OK button to set the theme color.
  3. Repeat for other colors options if necessary
  4. Click Save Changes when you're done

Brand Header and Footer Text

Brand text will be displayed in the headers and footers of all of your site pages. This information will be publicly available, if your site is public facing.

For information on how to create and manage your site pages, review our Introduction to Site Pages article.

The brand texts available to customize are:

  • Top bar email which will be displayed on your site pages header which will display as a mailto link on the page. This email address is optional and you can leave it blank if you wish not to share this publicly.
  • Top bar phone number which is added to the top navigation header of the site pages, although you can also choose to leave this blank.
  • Footer text is available for any text you would like in the footer of your site pages. For example, copyright information or anything else you'd like. 

This is what the top bar looks like:

Footer text will be displayed like this on all site pages:

Customizing Text

To add any of these brand texts, follow these steps:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select Branding and then choose Logo & Colors.
  2. Enter your desired brand texts
  3. Click Save Changes when you're done

Custom Styling

Some clients wish to apply more flexible styling across the LMS, whether to the front-end pages, the Dashboard, or the Course Player. This can be done using the Custom Styling tab, allowing clients to add their own Custom CSS code that automatically gets applied to the aforementioned areas.

To add Custom Styling, follow these steps:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select Branding and then choose Custom Styling
  2. Add in your custom CSS code. For example: 
  3. Click Save Changes when you're done

As a best practice, make sure you add CSS formatted comments when applying custom CSS code, so you will be able to determine its function more easily at a later moment, and properly vet the code when deploying it to the platform. When experiencing styling issue on your platform, be sure to first evaluate the CSS for potential errors before reaching out to our Support team.

Check out more details on how add custom font or customize navigation menus