Learner Experience of Taking a Course

This article explains how you, as a learner, can launch your courses and navigate the course player for a Self Paced course. If you have not done so already, be sure to check out the article on Understanding the Student Dashboard, so you know what functionality is available to you. There is also a video below that walks through going through a course and navigating the dashboard, if you're more of a visual learner. 

Launching the Course Player

  1. In order to launch a Course, you want to go to the My Courses tab in your Learner Dashboard. This can be found in the sidebar on the left.
  2. Find the Course you are looking to jump into from the Self Paced study method, and click the Launch Course button.
  3. You can either click on the Continue Course button to jump into the module where you left off, or you can dive into a specific module from the curriculum.

  4. Inside the Course Player you will find the course content. This content can be from a variety of different module types such as text-based, video, PDF, SCORM, PowerPoints and webinars. You'll even find modules like quizzes, assignments, and discussions. 

  5. At the top of the course player you will find the course navigation bar. This allows you to navigate to the Previous or the Next Module in the course, jump to a specific module in the course, or go back to the Launch page (Back to All Modules).
  6. In the body of the course player you will find the actual content. In the example above we are looking at a PDF module and as you can see in the bottom right, besides scrolling through the PDF, you can also flip through the pages. Furthermore, you can zoom in or out depending on your reading preferences.
  7. A module - based on the settings set by the instructor - may be completed in the following ways:

    a. Immediate completion upon opening (no tracking and no minimum time).

    b. After spending at least a certain amount of time in the module (no tracking but with minimum time).

    c. After going through all the content of the module (tracking and no minimum time).

    d. After going through all the content of the module  and spending at least a certain amount of time (tracking and minimum time)

  8. Once you have completed all modules (it may be that your Assignment or Discussion has to be reviewed first, or that you need to pass a Quiz with a minimum percentage), the course status will change to Completed and you will be prompted to return to your dashboard. If the course has a certificate attached and you met the requirements, the certificate can be found in the "My Certificates" area of the Learner Dashboard.

Video Walkthrough of Learner Dashboard and Course Player