Collecting Feedback From Your Students

Evaluation Modules allow you to create your own feedback forms and surveys, to hear opinions directly from your Students. 

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Add a Description

You can begin your Evaluation Module with a brief description of the feedback you're hoping to gather from Students. 

The text editor does allow for content formatting, as well as custom HTML to make it look and feel however you'd like. You can even embed images, videos, or social media posts to enhance your evaluation.

Set Redirect After Submission

You have the option to send your Student to the URL of your choice once they complete and submit their feedback. 

Leaving the After Submission Redirect field blank will not redirect the page, and the Student will remain in the Evaluation Module.

Build Your Evaluation Forms

There are six types of feedback forms you can create. All of them can be set to be required in order to complete the Module. 

Let's take a look at each type of form:

Text Form

The Text Form allows Students to respond to a question in a short written answer.

Text Area Form

The Text Area Form is similar to the Text Form, but affords more space to the Student to allow for longer written answers.

Rating Form

The Rating Form will allow you to pose a question using a star rating system. Response options are Oops, Disappointed, Normal, Good, and Great.

Single Select Form

The Single Select Form gives the Student a chance to select one answer from a multiple choice question.

Multiple Select Form

Similar to the Single Select Form, the Multiple Select Form allows a Student to select more than one response from a multiple choice question.

Drop Down Form

The Drop Down Form displays a multiple choice question as a drop down list. It's essentially a style variation of the Single Select Form.

Add Your Evaluation Module to Your Course

When you have finished creating your Evaluation Module, you will need to add your Module to your Course. This can be done on the Curriculum page of your Course.


First, find your Course in the All Courses section of your dashboard.


Then select Edit your Course from the Actions menu. If you don't already have a Course, you can select Create Course at the top of the page.


In Step 2, Curriculum, you can add your created Evaluation Module by searching for it by name in the existing module field.


Once added to your Course, you can set the availability of the Module and the minimum time spent inside. 

A Fixed Date availability will restrict your Students from accessing the Module until a set day. 

You can also set the minimum time spent in the Module if you want to keep Students from rushing through it. 

Reviewing Your Feedback

Student feedback can be reviewed either individually or as a spreadsheet containing responses from every Student in the Course.

To find an individual Student's feedback, head to the Course Manage page to find your Student. Then open the Actions menu and select View Progress.

On the View Progress page, find your Evaluation Module and select View Response.

For a bulk report of all Students' responses, you can head to the Course listing page, open the Actions menu, and select Download Responses.

A CSV file will download, containing the following columns:

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • Email
  • Course Name
  • Question
  • Response

Student Experience of Evaluation Module

The Student will be able to complete each feedback form and then hit Submit at the bottom of the page. 

Submitting the forms lock in their response. There is no way for them to edit their answers later.

The Module will be marked as complete when the Student submits their response.