The Media Library and Uploaded Files

The Media Library houses all the uploaded files you use for every Course Module in your account. All your files can be found here. 


The maximum size for uploading an individual file is 512 MB. 

If your file is larger than that, please contact Support and we will help you with it.

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Accessing the Media Library

The Media Library is accessed through the Dashboard, inside the Assets category. 

Inside of select Module editors, it is also possible to launch the Media Library by selecting Browse Media when attempting to add a file to your Module.

Uploading Media

Inside the Media Library, you can add your file by dragging and dropping it here or selecting Upload Media.

Video Encoding

When a video is added to the Media Library, it is first uploaded to the Academy of Mine servers. This process is reflected in the progress bar visible during your upload. When uploading a large file, the progress bar may reach 98% and then stick there for a while as the rest of the upload process completes. Don't worry, that's normal behavior.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded to Academy of Mine, we will begin encoding your file and and transforming it into a streaming HLS video. This will add an additional waiting period before your video file is finalized and ready for use in your Video Module as a m3u8 file. 

When your video file is ready, it will be stored in the Media Library as a link, which you can select to include in your module. But feel free to start building your Video Module while your video uploads in the background.

Selecting Your Files

Successfully uploaded files will be converted to a URL you can use with your Modules. 

To add your file to a Module, you can select it from the list of files available in your Media Library. You can select the file from the Media Library and copy it to your clipboard and then paste it into your Module. Or, if you are already inside a Module, you can choose Browse Media to open the Media Library and then select your file.

Accepted File Types

Image File Types


Video File Types

MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, WEBM, QT, MPG, M4V, and more

Document File Types


Other File Types

File types not listed above will still successfully upload and be categorized as "Other"