Adding a SCORM Module to Your Course

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SCORM Modules are made to be used with files created using the SCORM standard. The files are created outside of Academy of Mine, and then uploaded to your account to create a Module and add it to a Course. If you already have a SCORM package ZIP file created, you can add it to your Module this way. 

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Creating a SCORM Module is relatively straightforward, but there are many opportunities for things to go wrong. For troubleshooting help, please check this article. If you are still having difficulties, please contact Support.

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The Slug is the unique URL address where your SCORM Module can be found. The Slug is auto-generated from the Name you give your module, but you do have the option to edit and change it if you wish.

Uploading a SCORM Package

Your SCORM package ZIP file must first be uploaded to the SCORM Packages library, before it can be added to a Module. This can be done in two ways. 

You can head to the SCORM Packages library through the Dashboard. It's located in the Assets section.

There you can select Upload SCORM ZIP, or drag and drop your file. 

Inside the SCORM Packages library you also have the option to Edit your package and change the Launch/Entry file name if necessary.


It's also possible to upload your SCORM Package ZIP file to the SCORM Packages library directly from the Edit SCORM Module page. 

Selecting Choose SCORM Package will open the SCORM Packages library in a pop up window, and you can upload your ZIP file there directly.

Add Your SCORM Package to Your Module

Once your SCORM Package ZIP file has been uploaded to the SCORM Packages library, you can select it to add to the SCORM Package URL field.

Add Your SCORM Module to Your Course

When you have finished creating your SCORM Module, you will need to add your Module to your Course. This can be done on the Curriculum page of your Course.


First, find your Course in the All Courses section of your dashboard.


Then select Edit your Course from the Actions menu. If you don't already have a Course, you can select Create Course at the top of the page.


In Step 2, Curriculum, you can add your created SCORM Module by searching for it by name in the existing module field.


Once added to your Course, you can set the availability of the Module and the minimum time spent inside. 

A Fixed Date availability will restrict your Students from accessing the Module until a set day. 

You can also set the minimum time spent in the Module to match the amount of time it should take a Student to complete your SCORM package. 

Student Experience of a SCORM Module

Students will view your SCORM package slides from inside the Module.

The Module heading will still contain the Course controls, and the timer will be visible. 

When the Module has been completed, the Student will be able to advance to the next module in the Course.