Introduction to eCommerce

If you are wanting to sell access to your courses online and build a Course Catalog with your Products, you'll need to get set up with eCommerce. This guide is designed to assist you with getting your eCommerce configured so you can start to accept real payments for your courses. 

There are several steps to take to get completely through the eCommerce setup and we have created guides for each part, linked below. It's not necessary to follow any of these steps in sequential order, but we do recommend this path for anyone just getting started.

We also advise that you view this quick video walkthrough below, as it goes through the basics of setting up eCommerce and how it works so you can have a high-level understanding:

Getting your Course ready for eCommerce will require the following steps:


Configuring eCommerce General Settings


Using a Third Party Payment Gateway for Payments


Connecting a Payment(s) Integration:

Integrating with Stripe for eCommerce

Integrating with for eCommerce

Integrating with Braintree by PayPal for eCommerce


Using Products to Offer Self-Enrollment in Courses


Building a Course Catalog


Navigating the Checkout Process


Managing eCommerce Orders/Invoices


Automated eCommerce Emails

The following features are optional, but are powerful tools to use when selling your Products:


Offering Discount Codes/Coupons


Managing Subscriptions


Manually Creating an Order/Invoice