Introduction to Courses

Courses are the driving force of your platform. They are the product that delivers your content to Students and Organizations. 

Courses are made up of Modules, which are individual lessons with specific interactive tools like videos, PDFs, quizzes, etc. When the modules are strung together, they form the curriculum of your Course. Once your curriculum is complete, you can add a certificate to the Course, which will be awarded to a Student if they successfully complete the coursework. 

When your Course is fully built out, you can add your Course to a Product. A Product is what will appear in your Course Catalog on your platform site, and what people will purchase to enroll in your Course. You can also manually enroll Students to your Courses.

Once Students are taking your Course, you can manage their progress, view their activity, and evaluate assignments they submit for grading. Students will also receive automated emails updating them on their progress through the Course. 

It's not necessary to follow any of these steps in sequential order, but we do recommend this path for anyone just getting started.

Building and managing your Courses will require the following steps:


Creating a Course


Using Certificates of Completion in the Platform


Using Products to Offer Course Enrollment to External Users


Enrolling Students


Manage Your Courses


Automated LMS Emails

The use of groups is optional, and can be done as a self-service feature in the Course Catalog. But it is also possible to manually create a group and add Courses


Add a Course to a Group