SCORM Authoring Tools

In order to create a SCORM package that can be set up as a SCORM Module in your Course, you will first need a SCORM authoring tool. An authoring tool is an external software used to bundle different Course content media files (audio, video, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) together in a SCORM package. Then that SCORM package can then be added to a Module and used in your Course. In this article, we will be going over several SCORM authoring tools available: iSpring, Adobe Captivate and Articulate 360. We also have includedlinks to the platforms for more information on free trials and how to purchase that software. 

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Choosing an Authoring Tool

There are several tools to choose from when creating SCORM compliant courses. We recommend three authoring tools: iSpring, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate 360, with iSpring being our top choice.

Click here to view a side-by-side comparison of all three authoring tools. 


Among iSpring's many advantages over other authoring tools, we recommend it for its ease of converting Microsoft PowerPoints to SCORM, as well as its great animation delivery.

Adobe Captivate

  • Build a course with Adobe Captivate using this guide.
  • Get a free trial of Adobe Captivate here.
  • Purchase Adobe Captivate licensing by clicking here.

Articulate 360

  • Build a course with Articulate 360 using:
  • >>> Storyline 360 guide
  • >>> or Rise 360 guide
  • Get a free trial of Articulate 360 here.
  • Purchase Articulate 360 licensing by clicking here.

Next Step

Once you create your SCORM package, you will need to make sure it is exported properly for tracking and use in Academy of Mine. For more information on export settings, please review this guide:

Exporting SCORM Packages for Academy of Mine