Raising a Question with Support

We do our best to keep the platform intuitive and prevent issues from arising, though if you need any help at all, we're here for you! We urge clients to first search our Help Documentation, as this answers most general questions about functionality.  However, if a feature isn't working quite right, or if you have a question about how to perform a task and couldn't find what you need in the Help Documentation, don't hesitate to reach out--we are always happy to work with you directly to resolve things. 

If you need a hand, you can reach out using the process below, or email us directly at help@academyofmine.com.

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Support Beacon and Searching for Answers

  1. When logged in as an Admin, you will have access to our Support Beacon throughout every page of your dashboard. In the lower right corner of each page, you'll see a button that says Tutorials & Support. 
  2. Selecting this button will open the full Support Beacon. 
  3. To search for answers, select Answers. Use the search bar to ask your question or search for keywords. Your search will bring up the most relevant Knowledge Base articles, and hopefully you will quickly find the answer to your question. Selecting an Knowledge Base article that pops up in the results will open the article inside the Support Beacon.
  4. The Close button will minimize the Support Beacon again.

Asking a Question

If a search through the Knowledge Base did not yield the results you were hoping for, you can ask a question directly to the Support team. 

  1. At the top of the Support Beacon, select Ask.
  2. Ask your question in a message to the Support team. In the Subject field, please provide a brief description of your issue. In the Content section, please provide us with all the details you can. The more information the Support team can start with, the faster we will be able to investigate the problem and resolve it. Please try to include the following information in your message, if possible:
    1. Are you experiencing this issue yourself? If not, what is the email of the user experiencing the issue?
    2. What browser is the person using?
    3. What were you doing or trying to do when the issue occurred and do you have a timestamp for when it occurred
  3. Please provide a screenshot of the error if possible by using the Add Media button inside the Content section. 
  4. Click Send a Message when you're done

Support Team Response Time

Once your message is sent, the Support team will do its best to respond to your issue as quickly as possible. All support queries will be answered within 6 to 24 hours on average, either with a resolution or an acknowledgement or plan/proposal if we don't have a solution immediately. With that said, we are oftentimes able to get to you much quicker (within a few minutes or a couple of hours) including holidays and weekends. 

Response time also depends on the nature of your request. For example, a nice-to-have feature request on a weekend may get a slower response than a more critical/pressing issue/question/bug. Again, overall we will get you a reply within 24 hours to give you an answer or to assure you we're looking into things if it's not possible to address right away.

For more high level discussions on new requirements/enhancements or any other topics, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager.