Setting up Zoom integration(SDK App)

This article will walk you through setting up a Zoom integration so you can use webinar modules and virtual Instructor Led classes. It covers how to set up the Zoom API Credentials, the mandatory fields to be added in the form, how to add scopes and permissions for the meeting, and how to add your Zoom API credentials to Academy of Mine.

Step 1: Setting up Zoom API Credentials

Integrating Zoom with Academy of Mine requires adding a Client ID/App SDK Key and Client secret/App SDK Secret from Zoom. If you don't have them already, detailed instructions for creating the SDK App Key and Secret can be found in the Zoom Developer Documentation

  1. Head to the Zoom App Marketplace. In top-right of the page, select the Develop dropdown, the click Build App.

  2. Choose Meeting SDK and select Create.

  3. Disable the option to publish the app on the Zoom App Marketplace and then click Create.

  4. On the Information tab and, add your Company Name and Developer Contact Information. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.
  5. In the App Credentials tab copy your Client ID/SDK Key and Client Secret/SDK and save them for later.

Step 2: Mandatory Fields to be added in the Form

  1. Copy the Redirect URI from the Zoom Integration Settings page in AOM.

  1. Paste it in the Redirect URL for OAuth and Add Allow List fields on App Credentials page on Zoom App Marketplace as shown below.

Step 3: Add Scopes and Permissions for the Meeting

Click on the Scopes tab, then Add Scopes.

Click on Meetings and check all the permissions that are shown below.

Click on Recordings and check all the permissions that are shown below.

Step 4: Adding Your Zoom API Credentials to Academy of Mine

  1. Return to your Academy of Mine account. From the Dashboard, click the Integrations tab.
  2. On Zoom Meetings click Manage.

  3. Paste your Client ID in the Enter App SDK Key field and your Client Secret in the Enter App SDK Secret field.
  4. Make sure you Enable Zoom.
  5. Click Save & Authorize. This will redirect you to a Zoom Connection Page.
  6. You will be redirected back to AOM and an "Authorized Successfully" message will appear.

Check out this article for the details on creating a webinar module.

Or, if you are doing virtual Instructor Led classes, see this article to create a virtual class.

Note: Sometimes Zoom generates an invalid Client ID/SDK Key. It's a known issue with Zoom. In that case, when you try to authorize the Zoom SDK key and Secret in your AOM account, it will throw an error. In such cases, you will have to create a new app following the same steps given above and try using the new Client ID/SDK Key and Client Secret/SDK Secret for authorization.

Important: On your Zoom account make sure to turn these two settings ON from Settings->Meetings

  1. Meeting Passcode
  2. Personal Meeting ID (PMI) Passcode

Then go to Account Management -> Account Setting ( -> Meeting and turn on the above two settings here also. An additional step is to turn on the lock beside the Meeting Passcode here to make the Zoom webinar work. Refer to the below images -