Enabling Student Sharing Certifications & Badges on LinkedIn

Academy of Mine supports its clients with functionality where they can enable their students to add their certification or badge to their profile with one click. Not only does this allow students to share and publicize their new certifications, this also can give your business some exposure.  To link your LinkedIn company page to their certification, you need to provide your LinkedIn organization's ID. If you would like students to be able to share badges, you will need to enable the LinkedIn integration. In this guide, we will be reviewing what exactly an organization ID is, how to find it, and how to set up the certificate share and badge share, as well as what the student experience of both is like. 

In this article:

LinkedIn Organization IDs

Before you can set up the certificate sharing in AOM, you will need to have your LinkedIn Organization ID. On LinkedIn, every organization has its own unique organization ID through which every organization can be recognized. Without that ID whenever a student shares a certificate issued by your organization it would not be able to link to your company page.

How can I find my Organization ID?

  1. Log In to LinkedIn as an admin for your business’ Organization page
  2. When you are logged in as an admin have a look at the URL of that page 
  3. In the URL you can find a seven-digit number which would be the LinkedIn Organization ID.

Enabling Student Certificate Sharing

Once you have located your LinkedIn Organization ID, you can enable the certificate sharing for individual certificate templates within AOM by following these steps:

  1. Within AOM, go to the Admin Dashboard and select Courses, then Certificates
  2. Choose the certificate you would like to add the Organization ID to, so that it will be shareable, or you can opt to create a new certificate as well
  3. Add the Organization ID you got from LinkedIn to the field of Organization ID while creating/editing a certificate template:
  4. Be sure to click Save Template to save your changes

Once you have added the Organization ID,  then whenever a student successfully completes a course and gets a certificate then in their dashboard inside the My Certificates section they can find an option to share on LinkedIn. We'll go more in depth on the student experience in the next section.

Student Experience of Certificate Sharing

Now let's go through what the student will see if they have earned a certificate that has your LinkedIn Organization ID added, therefore making it shareable on LinkedIn:

  1. From the student's dashboard, they will select My Achievements, and then Certificates
  2. This will show a list of all their earned certificates. Clicking the share button will redirect the students automatically to their LinkedIn profile(If they are logged in) and would open the dialog box (as shown below) with all the information from our environment. 
  3. The student will then be prompted to log into their LinkedIn account. Once they are logged in, they will see the screen below and will be able to save it to their LinkedIn profile. 

Enabling Badge Sharing

If you are using badges, and would like to allow students share the badges they earned on LinkedIn, follow the following steps to enable the badge sharing option.

First, you'll need to generate the Client ID and Client Secret from LinkedIn:

  1. Follow this link to create an app in the LinkedIn Developer Portal
  2. Click Create App and sign into LinkedIn if you aren't already
  3. Fill in the fields on that page, and click Create App
  4. The Client ID and Client Secret will be generated--keep those handy for the next steps
  5. From the Admin Dashboard, select Integrations
  6. Find the LinkedIn integration and click Manage to open the settings
  7. Toggle "Enable LinkedIn" to on 
  8. Enter the Client ID, Client Secret ID, and the redirection URL. 
  9. Click Save & Authorize once you are done

Once that is done, students will be able to share their badges. Learn more about the student experience below. 

Student Experience of Sharing Badges

 After the LinkedIn integration is enabled from your side, the students will be able to share their badges using these steps:

  1. From the Student Dashboard, they will select My Achievements from the sidebar
  2. They will select Leaderboards and Badges sections to view their badges 
  3. From the badge page, they will able to see Connected on LinkedIn on the top right corner.
  4. When the students click on the Share on LinkedIn option under the badge of their choosing, they would be able to see an option for sharing this badge on their profile and feed along with a message they want(See example below). They can click on Share and hence the badge is then shared.