Adding Facebook Pixel

For more information on integrations, please review our guide: Introduction to Platform Integrations

Facebook Pixel is an incredibly powerful tool for tracking conversions from traffic coming from Facebook, allowing you to optimize ads and narrow down the right target audiences. It's also incredibly easy to connect with your platform once you have created your Pixel. 

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to integrate Facebook Pixel with your platform.

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Facebook Steps

Inside your Facebook Business page, follow these steps to create your Facebook Pixel. You can also follow along with Facebook's guide here: Create and Install Facebook Pixel


Open the Events Manager.


Select Connect Data Sources.


In the Connect a New Data Source section, select the Web option.


In the Set Up Web Events section, select Facebook Pixel.


Name your Pixel. Give it a memorable name to help you track your activity.


In the Connect Website Activity Using Pixel section, select Install Code Manually.


Copy the base code provided to you.

Academy of Mine Steps

Back in your Academy of Mine account, follow these steps to complete your Facebook Pixel integration.


Use the dashboard to head to the Integrations page.


Select the Manage option on Facebook Pixel.


Paste the code you copied from your Facebook account, then select Save Changes.


To start using your Facebook Pixel, turn it on by selecting Enable Facebook Pixel.