User Roles and Permissions

Be sure to review our overview of users: Introduction to Users

There are three primary user roles in Academy of Mine: Admin, Group Admin, and Student. Each role has its own set of permissions, intended to limit access to certain areas of your account, especially to clients. There are no limits to the number of users for each role. 

This guide will take a closer look at the specific permissions given to each role.

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Admins have the highest permissions of any user. There can be multiple Admins in an account. Admins can create new Admin users, as well as creating Group Admins and Students.

Admins also have the ability to enroll themselves in Courses and complete them just like a Student. 

Admins can:

Group Admin

Group Admins have a very limited role with very specific permissions. Group Admins only have authority over a group where they have been named as Group Admin, and can only manage the seats for Students taking the Courses in their group. 

Group Admins are manually created by an Admin, or automatically created through the checkout page when purchasing Product(s) for a group. 

For more information on checking out as group, please review our guide: Navigating the Checkout Process

For more information on managing a group, please review our guide: Creating and Managing Groups

Group Admins can:

  • Manage an existing group
  • Enroll or remove Students from the group
  • Manage Courses in the group
  • Access reporting


Group Admins cannot enroll themselves in Courses and complete them just like a Student. They are only able to administer a group, not participate in its Courses.


Students are only able to access the Courses they are enrolled in. Their primary function is to launch a Course, complete it, and collect any certificates associated.

Students can be created by an Admin or a Group Admin. Alternatively, when an individual purchases a Product for themselves through a Course Catalog, they will create a user account with a Student role during the checkout process. They will also automatically be enrolled in all the Courses included in the Product(s) they purchase.

For more information on checking out as a single user, please review our guide: Navigating the Checkout Process

Students can:

  • Take a course 
  • Earn certificates
  • View their own orders and subscriptions

Super Admin

You may see a user with a Super Admin role appear in certain areas. This role is restricted to Academy of Mine staff only. Its primary goal is for monitoring and troubleshooting your account. 

Next Step

Now that you understand the types of user roles, you'll want to learn about adding a new user to the platform: