Using the Page Builder

With the Academy of Mine Page Builder, your page creation options are limitless! This removes your need for a separate marketing website or the need to utilize landing page software. Let us get started!

To get started:

  1. Navigate to your AOM LMS’s Dashboard
  2. On the left side menu, click the “Pages & Menus” menu item
  3. Click on the “Pages” sub-menu item
  4. Once the “Pages” page loads, click the “+ Create Page” button located in the top right corner

Yay! We are one step closer to building our fully-functional page. Let us go through what each section of the page builder is for:

  1. The “Title” is the title of the page.
  2. The “Page Layout” has three options:
    1. Full Width – This kind of page takes up the entire width of the screen.
    2. Fixed Width with Left/Right Margin Gaps – This Page Layout Type is the same as the Full Width but there is a gap on each side of the page.
    3. Page With No Headers – This page layout type is full width and without a header.
  3. The “Content“ is where our page-building magic happens.
  4. The “Seo Title“ is the title that should show up on the search engine for this website.
  5. The “Seo Description“ is a short text that describes the webpage to search engines.
  6. The “Thumbnail Image URL“ is an image that’s associated with the webpage. 

We are now ready to start building our page!

Sections: Every page newly created page comes with a section; the blue rectangle below is a section

Sections may be used to organize content in a row-like fashion. We can also add new sections or import a saved section by clicking the blue + button as seen below.

Rows: Within sections, we can add rows to further organize our content. We add rows via the green + button. Rows are powerful as unlike sections, they can be broken into columns. In the screenshot below, we have added two rows (green boxes) with different column formats to our section (blue box).

Now that we have sections and rows figured out, we can now talk about how we’d add content to them.

Blocks: Blocks are the grey boxes seen in the screenshot above: they are where the magic happens. Below is a screenshot of the different block types we have available. To see the image below, click on any of the grey + buttons on the page builder.

Let us fill our new page with blocks! In the image below we have four blocks (in grey).

Please also note that rows can have multiple blocks. Below is an example of what that would look like.

To edit the content within a block, click the settings cog icon or simply double-click the solid gray rectangle.