Auto Enroll Courses

This article provides comprehensive guidance on the "Auto-Enroll Courses" feature within our LMS.

Before getting started make sure you have created Courses.

What is Auto-Enroll-Courses?

To elaborate on this, this feature allows us to add courses that can be given as a courtesy. If a client needs a student to automatically enroll in a course when the student registers to the platform, we can add those courses as Auto-Enroll-Courses.

Adding Courses as Auto-Enroll Courses

To add/mark a course as an auto-enroll course

a. Go to Users -> Auto-Enroll Courses

b. Search for the course.

c. Select the course.

Now, the selected course will be added as an Auto-Enroll course and the student will get registered to the selected course as soon as the student is registered to the platform.

Removing Courses from Auto-Enroll Courses

To remove a course from Auto-enroll Courses, you will just have to click on delete button for the course you wish to delete.