Introduction to Groups

This guide is designed to assist you with everything you will need to know about how Groups are used in your LMS. Groups are a way to create a branded portal for an organization, so they can view and manage the courses available to them, and their own students. 

Groups allow our clients to sell course seats in bulk to organizations or institutions and delegate the student management to a representative of that organization (for example a manager in a company overseeing the education of his employees). The representative will be made Group Admin and will be able to enroll students into the courses using up seats, as well as track their progress through the course and perform different management functions. The Groups feature is one of our most powerful features for B2B clients, as it makes selling your courses much more scalable. 

Groups can be created manually by an Admin (ideal for clients that have longer sales cycles and handle payments off-platform) but it's also possible to have Group Admins purchase seats via the Course Catalog themselves, requiring even less involvement from your end. 

The following guides will help you understand the Groups functionality in more detail: 


User Roles and Permissions


Creating and Managing Groups


Navigating the Checkout Process


Enrolling Students


Pulling Group Reports


Enrolling Students and Managing your Group (for Group Admins)