Global Product Settings

Global Product Settings feature is designed to offer a seamless and user-friendly customization to tailor user experience and allow users to personalize their Course Catalog page.

Customization Options:

Price Color Customization:

You can Customize the price color to enhance the visual appeal of the products on the Catalog page.

Customizing the color of prices can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the user interface. It can also be used strategically to draw attention to pricing information or highlight special offers.

Button Text Customization:

Button text customization is a feature that allows you to change the "Add to Cart" text displayed on buttons on the Catalog page.

You can customize the text for different product types such as Subscribed, Simple, or Free products

Preview sample products are available, allowing users to visualize and assess how their customization choices will manifest in a practical setting. This enhances user engagement by offering a tangible and immediate preview of the customized product.

How to Customize Text and Color for different Product Types:

  1. You can access the Global Product Settings tab under eCommerce->Settings.
  2. Choose the Price Color option to give Product price a desired color
  3. Based on the product types customize the texts accordingly.
  4. Preview the Sample Products to visualize the changes
  5. Click on the Save button to finalize the changes done.

Course Catalog Page:

Single Product page: