Configuring eCommerce General Settings & Choosing a Payment Gateway

Configuring your eCommerce settings is critical in order to start accepting payments via the platform. This includes configuring general settings like your base address, base currency, and opting to enable coupons. You'll also need to choose a payment gateway so that you can accept payments. In this guide, we will be going through how to set up those basic settings, and go through the third party payment gateways that we integrate with: Stripe, and Braintree (serviced by Paypal).

For an overview of all the steps necessary to fully set up eCommerce, sure to review our overview of eCommerce Setup guides: Introduction to eCommerce

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Configuring General Settings

General and Payment eCommerce settings can be found via the Admin Dashboard, by selecting eCommerce, then Settings. Now, let's go through configuring general settings: your shop base address, currency, and coupon options. 

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select eCommerce, then Settings
  2. Under the General tab, enter in your Shop Base Address
    1. This should be the main address of your company, and this address will also appear at the top of invoices received by Students when they purchase a Product.
  3. Choose your Base Currency using the dropdown menu. Credit card payments will be charged using this currency.
  4. Choose to Enable Coupon via the toggle if you will be using coupons with your checkout. The overall coupon setting will need to be enabled here first.
  5. Be sure to click Save when you're done. 

Third Party Payment Options

Academy of Mine does not directly collect payments. In order to collect payments, you will need to sign up with a third party payment gateway listed below, then connect it with the Academy of Mine platform using the API credentials provided by the payment gateway. 

We have three options when it comes to payment gateway options, which can also be configured in eCommerce>Settings>Payment.  The options available are Stripe,, and Braintree. Each are excellent choices with a wide variety of features and pricing. When integrated, each of them will operate the same inside your account. 


You can create a Stripe account here, and view Stripe's help documentation here.

Integrate with Stripe with this Academy of Mine guide.

Create an account here, and view's help documentation here.

Integrate with with this Academy of Mine guide.


You can try a Braintree sandbox account here. If you'd like to move forward with them, create a Braintree account here and you can view Braintree's help documentation here.

Integrate with Braintree by PayPal with this Academy of Mine guide.


You can create a PayPal account here

Integrate with Paypal with this Academy of Mine guide

Pay via Invoice

Read about letting your customers request to be invoiced at checkout with Pay via Invoice.

Next Step

Once you have chosen a payment gateway, follow the integration guide for the payment gateway you have chosen: