Introduction to Pages & Menus

Site Pages are the front-end representation of your platform. They are the website a potential customer will browse before purchasing your Course. They are the location where a Student will log in to access their Course. 

You can begin by creating site pages. Sample site pages are included in your platform, you are free to edit them and use them, or you can create entirely new pages. If you plan to use Academy of Mine's eCommerce features, you will be required to include the following pages: Product Listing, Cart, and Checkout. 

Once your pages have been created, you can further customize them by adding custom styling to your platform, and editing the navigation menu, header, and footer of your pages. 

Finally, you will need to designate your site pages as specific page types in your platform. You must identify the pages you create with the following titles: Home Page, Product Catalog Page, Cart Page, Checkout Page

Getting your site pages ready will require the following steps:


Creating Site Pages via the Page Builder


Customizing Navigation Menus


Adding Custom Styling to Your Platform


Set Your Brand Texts


Set Site Page Identifications