Enrolling Students and Managing your Group (for Group Administrators)

As a Group Admin you have some amazing functionality at your finger tips to manage your group of students and keep tabs on their progression. In this article, we would like to give you a short guide of your dashboard where you will be able to find the courses you are managing, the students in your Group, and reporting options.

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Managing your Courses and Students

When logging in you will be directed to your dashboard which is where you will be managing your Group from. On the left hand side of the dashboard you will find a sidebar that contains all menus. Here you can find the Courses you are managing, the Students in your Group, and the Reports tab which allows you to pull progress data from the platform. 

When clicking on the Courses tab, you will see a table that contains all the courses you are managing. For each course, you will immediately be able to see some data such as the number of seats that are used/available, how many students have been active in the course the last 24 hours, as well as Student Progress. The Student Progress bar gives you an easily digestible representation of the status of your students in the course. The red portion represents the students that have Not Started the course yet, the orange section the students that are In Progress, and the green portion represents students that have Completed the course. Also, you can click the Go to Bulk Enroll button in the right top to go to the Bulk Upload page and enroll new students into courses, or add a single new student with the Enroll Student button.

When you click on the triple-dot icon on the right hand side of a course you can open the Actions dropdown. From there you will be able to go to the Manage Course page, or view the course Activity and evaluate student Submissions directly. On the Manage Course page, you will be able to see more detailed progress data for each student that is enrolled in the course.

When clicking the triple-dot icon for a student, you'll see a lot of different options to manage the student for this particular course, depending on the privileges that the LMS admin has assigned. As such, you can remove them, reset their progress, revoke access (but keeping them in the course), manually assign the course certificate, and you can even do a Switch To (which allows you to see the platform as that student). You can also get more detailed and view the course progress module-by-module for each specific student by clicking the View Progress button. You will be able to see status of each module, when they last accessed it, the time they spent in each module, and - when relevant - the details of the module (for example quiz responses).

On the Manage Course page, you can also enroll existing students into the course that are already part of your Group or go to the Bulk Enroll page using the Enroll Students field above the Student table (for more details on how to enroll students, click here). Furthermore, you can click the View Course Activity and View Submissions buttons in the top right to see all actions taken by students inside the course or evaluate student submissions for the Assignments and Discussions of this course.

On the Students tab you will be able to see all the Students that are part of your Group. For each student their basic personal information is shown (such as name and email address) as well as when they last logged in and their progression through the courses they are enrolled in (see Completion column). Similarly as with the Student Progress column discussed earlier, the red portion represents how many of their courses they have Not Started, the orange section indicates how many courses they have In Progress, and the green section indicates how many courses they have Completed.

By clicking on the triple-dot icon for a student, you'll find additional functionality for managing your students. You can Switch To (allows you to see the platform and courses from that student's point of view), go to their profile and edit it, enroll them in a course, view their certificates, and take a look at their activity across the courses in the platform. You can also dive deeper for each Student and see their course progression for all courses they are enrolled in by clicking on the triple-dot to open the Actions dropdown, and select Manage Courses. Here you will see all courses they are taking as well as their status, when they last accessed it, and some enrollment details. By clicking on the triple-dot icon you will see the same course management actions as presented above (depending on the privilege's set by the LMS admin).

You can also go to the View Progress page here for each course, similarly as from a specific Manage Course page as discussed earlier. You do so by opening the Actions dropdown via the triple-dot icon, and select View Progress. You'll be able to see - module-by-module - how the student has progressed through the course.

In the reports tab you will find more visualized presentations of the course and student data we discussed in the foregoing tabs, and you will also be able to download this data in .csv file so it can be used outside of the platform when desired.

Enrolling Students into your Courses

Below we have created a sort video to elaborate on the different methods you have available to enroll students into your courses.

Having Students Self-Enroll using a Referral Code
It is also possible to - instead of you as the Group Administrator enrolling the students - have the students self-enroll into the Group. A student that is registering via the traditional Registration page will see a Referral Code field. If they input the same Referral Code that is specified for your Group, they will automatically become part of your Group and get enrolled into all of its courses (depending on whether enough seats are available). You can find and edit the referral code of your Group in the Settings -> General tab on the left of your Dashboard: