Understanding the Student Dashboard

Just as Admins have a dashboard, Students also have their own dashboard on our platform which is where they will be able to launch courses, download certificates, manage purchase orders, and more. In this article, we will explain the Student Dashboard and what the student will find here. We will go through each of the tabs that are available to students on their dashboard. You can also check out the Video Tour of the Student Experience to give you an idea of what the student actually sees as they use the platform and take courses.

In this article:

Student Dashboard Main Page

Upon login, the student will land directly in the Student Dashboard which will provide a general overview of the platform. On the left, you will find a sidebar that contains the most important pages. In the following sections, we will go through each part of the sidebar. This is what the main dashboard looks like, with their recent courses and activities pulled up, along with the sidebar. If you have the Instructor Led option for courses available on your platform, students will be able to choose what study method of course they would like to view. 

Note that Instructor Led courses may not be available to legacy users. Please contact support if you have questions about the availability of this feature and adding it to your platform!

My Courses

On the My Courses tab, the student will find all the courses that they are enrolled in. If you have the Instructor Led option for courses available on your platform, students will be able to choose what study method of course they would like to view. 

For Self Paced Courses 

If students select the Self Paced tab, they can launch the course here, and review their progress. Students can also navigate to the Course Catalog that is hosted on the front-facing part of the website (visible to non-logged in users also) if they for example wish to purchase access to another course.

When a student launches a course, they will first arrive on the Launch Course page where they will see an overview of the course in question and how they are progressing through it. Here, they will also get to see the course instructions that are set up by the course creator as well as a snapshot of the entire course curriculum and what modules they have available. For an idea of what the course player and modules look like or how to navigate the course, be sure to check out our Taking a Course article

For Instructor Led Courses

The student will select Instructor Led as the study method to view any classes they are enrolled in as part of an Instructor Led course. This will list the location, date and time of the classes they are enrolled in, as well as their attendance status. They will also be able to download study materials if any have been added to the class by clicking View Study Materials. Students can view either a list or calendar view of the classes.

Clicking View Study Material will allow the student to download any added Study Material using the download button highlighted below, as well as see the instructions for the class. 

My Learning Paths

If the Admin has created Learning Paths and the student is enrolled in a course(s) that is a part of a Learning Path, they will see the other courses that are a part of the Learning Path in this section.

My Certificates 

On the My Certificates tab,  students can review the certificates they have earned so far and download them if desired. Certificates are received by students by completing courses and passing the criteria set. Not every course, however, will issue a certificate; this depends on whether the course creator has linked a certificate to it. On the certificates that are issued to the student you will find the dynamic fields that have been selected by the certificate creator, populated with the correct values for that particular student and that particular course.

My Account

The My Account tab gives you an overview of their profile, allows them to change account details and set billing information, as well as provide a snapshot overview of all their activity on the platform showing recent courses, orders, certificates, and detailed course activity. By clicking on the My Account tab, the student can view your profile details, change your password and edit the details as well.

My Orders

If the student wants to review purchases they have made, the My Orders tab will show all orders from this account with details such as the current status, the total price, the date, and so forth.

My Subscriptions

Students can view their subscriptions in their Student Dashboard, by selecting the My Subscriptions section of the sidebar. Here, students can view all of their subscription orders and will see the status and billing dates. They can also view and download copies of their invoices.


On the Announcements tab, students will see announcements that have been made by the instructor or platform manager. They can also see these announcements in the navigation bar in the top right by clicking on the bell-icon.

Membership Content

If the Admin is providing Membership content to a student, they will be able to view that content via their Student Dashboard. They will be able to launch modules they have access to, or enroll themselves in courses tied to the Membership. From the Student Dashboard, they select Membership Content, then can launch individual modules, or enroll themselves into a course.