Browser Support for the Platform

To make sure you and your clients have the best experience using Academy of Mine, we'll want to make sure you're using a supported browser and. Academy of Mine supports most available browsers, and our main priority has always been to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience while maintaining absolute data security. For an optimal learning experience, we recommend that our clients use the below-listed browsers.

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Desktop Browsers

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Desktop browser support for Academy of Mine: 


In June 2022, Microsoft is no longer supporting the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on certain versions of Windows 10. Along with that and due to significant performance issues and security reasons, Academy Of Mine no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer and we recommend our clients migrate away from Internet Explorer to any of the browsers mentioned above in the supported browser list.

Mobile and Tablet Browsers

Mobile and tablet devices are supported for Students to complete their Courses! Note that Admins and Group Admins must use a desktop browser to make any changes to the AOM platform. The following browsers are supported for mobile and tablet devices: