Viewing & Exporting Quiz Analysis Report

The Quiz Analysis Report gives you a detailed summary of a selected quiz. To begin viewing it, you must select one quiz from the dropdown.

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select Reports, then Quiz Analysis Report.
  2. Select a quiz from the drop-down to view the report.
  3. To export, click Export Results beside the Select Quiz drop-down.

The following metrics will be shown for a quiz:

  • Total Number of Students who have attempted a quiz
  • Total Number of Questions
  • Maximum Score Achieved
  • Minimum Score Achieved
  • Average Time Spent
  • Total Attempts made by students, including any retakes.
  • Difficulty Level of the quiz
  • A graph, depicting the percentage of students who passed and failed the quiz.

This report also includes the analysis of each question present in that quiz. A search filter is also given to search the question.

For Questions, it shows the following metrics:

  • Question Title
  • Difficulty Level of question: Easy, Medium, or Hard based on the percentage of correct options marked by the students.
  • Question Options with a correct option highlighted in green color (For short answers and match answers type questions, only the correct option is displayed).
  • Percentage of each option selected/marked by the student.
  • Percentage of Not Attempted, Answered Incorrectly & Answered Correctly.
  • A "View Details" option is also given for each question. On click, it gives the question submission details like Student Name, Email, Course Name, Marked Answer & Is Correct Response.

View Details pop-up

Export Results

When exported, the Quiz Analysis Report Excel sheet will look like this: