Viewing & Exporting the Audit Log Report

The Audit Log holds a record of many actions, events, or activities users have done with your data--for instance, actions related to creation, modification, and deletion of resources. It can also be a sequence of automated system actions. Audit logs can assist with monitoring data and systems for any possible security breaches or vulnerabilities, and with rooting out potential internal data misuse.

In this guide, we will be going over the information available in Audit Report in detail, as well as how to view and export this report. You will also learn how to view the details of an event to compare the old and new values. 

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Information Available in the Audit Log Report

There are many, many actions that are tracked via the Audit Log that you can view. Features include:

  • A timestamp that records the time zone and date range that the person accessed the data.
  • You will be able to see what action was performed on what item--for example if a Course or Module was updated or deleted, and by what login
  • Any real-time data collected at the moment of document creation, change, or elimination.
  • A secure storage infrastructure that makes it impossible for an unauthorized user to alter the details of the report.
  • Documentation of the specific person who handled the event/data input/change.
  • A historical record of information and values that occurred before the event/data input/change.
  • Full control over user activity

Viewing & Exporting the Audit Log Report

Now let's go over how to access and export this report and how to view event details

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select Reports then choose Audit Log Report
  2. The report will be visible, showing the most recent events
  3. You may filter the report by User, what item the event was Performed On, what the Event is, and by Date Range
  4. To view more details of a specific event, click the Details icon to the right of the event--see more below
  5. Click Export Results to export the report to Excel

Viewing Event Details

Clicking the Details icon to the right of an event will provide more details about what the old details were compared to the new. Audit trail reports  give a sequential order of actions or policies to provide historical evidence and records. This collected data is utilized as evidence to justify future actions or alleviate difficulties. This is an example of what the details look like: