Automated Other Emails

For more information on automated emails, please review our guide: Introduction to Automated Emails

For more information on announcements, please review our guide: Platform Announcements

Automated Other emails are used to alert a user that the platform has made an announcement they should read. Announcements are the quickest way to share information with every user in your platform, or a specific set of users you choose. If a user does not log in on their own to the platform and see the announcement, the automated email will serve as a reminder to do so.

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Others Emails

There is one type of automated email in the Others section, the announcement email. This email is triggered whenever a new announcement is made on the platform. The email will be sent only to the users who have been selected to view the announcement.

Enable Emails

Each type of automated email must be enabled before it will be sent automatically.

The enabled button must be toggled on for both Primary Recipient or Other Users to be Notified, if you plan on using either.


There are two different types of recipients who can be named to an automated Other email: the Primary Recipient and CC'd Recipients.

Primary Recipient

Each automated email is sent to a Primary Recipient. Depending on the email type, the default Primary Recipient is either the individual, or the Site Admin listed in the Site General Settings found in the dashboard at Settings > General.

This chart shows who is set as the default Primary Recipient by Other email type:

CC'd Recipients

You can also CC other email addresses to receive these messages if you wish. The addresses can be added to the CC field, separated by commas. 


The Announcement email is relatively straightforward. It just lets a user know a new announcement is waiting for them and asks them to login to read it.

Announcement Email Template

Here is the provided sample announcement email template. You are free to customize this in any way you wish, including using shortcodes

The most relevant shortcodes for announcement emails that you may want to include are  [announcement_content] and [announcement_url].

User Experience of Announcement Email

And here is what a user will see in their inbox: