Configuring eCommerce General Settings

Be sure to review our overview of eCommerce Setup guides: Introduction to eCommerce

Configuring your eCommerce settings is critical in order to start accepting payments via the platform. Getting to a point when you are accepting payments will require several steps:

  • Adding Products to your Course Catalog
  • Configuring eCommerce settings
  • Selecting a third party payment gateway
  • Connecting the payment gateway to your Course Catalog checkout page 

This guide will help you get started with your eCommerce general settings.

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Getting Started

eCommerce settings can be found in the dashboard at eCommerce > Settings > General

Configuring General Settings

Shop Base Address

In the General Settings area, you can add the physical address of your shop. This should be the main address of your company. 

This address will also appear at the top of invoices received by Students when they purchase a Product.

Set Base Currency

Use the dropdown to select the currency you will be collecting. Credit card payments will be charged using this currency.

Enable Coupon

If you will be using coupons with your checkout, it will need to be enabled here first.

Configuring Payment Settings

eCommerce integrations can be found in the dashboard at eCommerce > Settings > Payment

Next Step

Up next, you will need to choose a third party payment gateway to connect to your account.

Then follow the integration guide for the payment gateway you have chosen: