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  • Integrating GoToWebinar for Live Webinars

    GoToWebinar is a paid service, with many options for interacting with Students. Find out more about GoTo Webinar here. If you already use GoToWebinar and would like to include live webinars in your

  • Integrating Zoom Meetings for Live Webinars

    Zoom offers free or paid services, and allows you to create live and on-demand virtual events. Find out more about Zoom here. If you already use Zoom and would like to include live webinars in your

  • Instructors Offering Live Training and Webinars via Zoom

    Webinar Modules allow you to launch a live webinar from inside your course. Connect with your Students over Zoom, Vimeo Live Streaming, GoTo Webinar, GoToTraining, or Microsoft Teams at a scheduled

  • Platform Configuration Playbook for New Clients

    This playbook is created for our new clients to help them configure their platform for launch. Each step has one or multiple associated help articles that originate from our Help Documentation, which

  • Using Modules

    Modules are the building blocks of your Course. Think of a Module as an individual lesson. Each Module, whether it is viewing a video, reading a PDF, answering an assignment question, or taking a

  • Getting Started With Instructor-Led Training

    We are incredibly excited to get you up and running with your platform! We realize that all the different functions we offer can be a little overwhelming when you are just getting started with

  • Integrating with MS Teams

    Academy of Mine has started offering an integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing our clients to integrate the platform as a provider for their Webinar modules. This guide below will detail the

  • Taking a Course

    This article explains how you can launch your courses and navigate the course player as a student. If you have not done so already, be sure to check out the article on Understanding the Student

  • Roles and Permissions

    As we are getting started to use the platform, let's first take a look at how can we manage the users in the platform. Instructor-led training (ILT) is one of the best ways to achieve the same. You

  • Integrating with GoToTraining

    We have recently released new functionality that will allow client to integrate their Webinar modules with GoToTraining. This article will explain how to set up the initial integration with their

  • Video Tour of Admin Dashboard

    Want to skip the video tour and get straight to building out your learning platform? Check out our Platform Configuration Playbook Note You will notice some differences between your LMS and what is

  • Automated LMS Emails

    Before viewing this guide, please review these prerequisite guides: Introduction to Automated Emails Introduction to Courses Automated LMS emails are triggered by a Student's coursework. When a

  • Introduction to Courses

    As we get started with the Introduction to courses, let's first take a look at a general glossary of terms that will be used: Course - The core and driving force of your platform. Courses are how you