Integrating with MS Teams

Academy of Mine has started offering an integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing our clients to integrate the platform as a provider for their Webinar modules. This guide below will detail the steps on how to get this integration configured.

To get started with MS Teams, you'll need to complete the following parts:

Setting up your MS Teams Client credentials

Integrating MS Teams with your Academy of Mine LMS will require an MS Teams Client ID and Client Secret. Detailed instructions for creating and obtaining the Client ID and Secret can be found in the MS Teams Developer Documentation but we will cover the high-level steps here.

  1. To start, you will need to log into with your work/school account and navigate to Azure Active Directory to create a new Client.

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click on App registrations followed by clicking on the + New registration button.
  3. A form will show called "Register an application". Complete the fields and click on Register to submit the details.
    Name: Any name you prefer.
    Supported Account Types: Select the 3rd option [Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)]
    Redirect URI: The Redirect URI can be found on MS Teams Integration page in your LMS. You will want to copy it from there and paste it in this field. You can find the MS Teams Integrations page on your LMS in your Admin Dashboard. In the sidebar you will find the Integrations menu item, after which you will be able to select the Manage button for MS Teams (see image below).

  4. After submitting the registration form you will see application details. You need to copy Application (client) ID and save it somewhere. You will need this client ID to complete next part when configuring the integration on the LMS.

  5. Now click on Certificates & secrets from left navigation pane and then click on New Client Secret at the bottom of the page. You will see another form titled "Add a client secret". Provide a Description and Expires field and click on Add.
    (Note: Add a long duration for the "Expires" field. After this date, the current client secret will expire and needs to be renewed. It's important to mark the expiration date somewhere as a calendar event or reminder for the team managing the AOM LMS, to make sure this will be updated in timely fashion.)

  6. After the creation of the Client Secret, you will be provided some properties of the Secret, including the Value. Copy the Value and save it somewhere with the Client ID. You will need this Client Secret Value to complete next section. ( Note: Do not refresh the page before copying the Secret. Refreshing the current page will hide it.)

Adding your MS Teams Client credentials to Academy of Mine

  1. Navigate to the MS Team Meetings Integration page in the Admin Dashboard if you have not done so already in a different tab. In the sidebar you will find the Integrations menu item, which will show you all Integrations of the LMS, including MS Team Meetings.

  2. Toggle the Enable switch and click Manage to configure the link between your MS Teams account and the Academy of Mine LMS.

  3. On the Manage page you need to provide the client ID and client Secret which you have already created and saved during the first part of this article. Copy and paste these in, and click on the  Save & Authorize button to connect MS Teams and your LMS.

  4. You will be redirected to the Azure Portal where you need to grant the permission which AOM is requesting. Click on Agree to move forward.
    It should look exactly like the image shown below.

  5. After accepting the permission you will see be redirect to the AOM Dashboard and an "Authorized Successfully" message will show in the top right.

  6. Congratulations! You have integrated your MS Teams successfully with AOM. Now you can create MS Teams Webinar Modules and add them to your courses.

Create a Webinar Module and add it to a Course

To learn in more detail how to create modules and add them to course, be sure to check out the Curriculum section on Creating and Updating a Course. However, we will briefly go over this below.

  1. To create your Webinar Module, head to the Courses > Webinars section of your dashboard, and select Create Webinar Module in the top right.

  2. Give your Webinar Module a name and a brief description that will be seen by your students when looking at the module in the course player. The brief description field is customizable and can include HTML elements like images or videos.
  3. Now, you need to connect and schedule your Webinar. Select the Service Provider as Microsoft Teams and set a start and end date-time for your webinar. Note that start and end time are indicators for the students as to when they should join but themselves do not determine when you can choose to launch the webinar as an Admin. Click on Save Module to create the Webinar module and make it available to add to a course.

  4. Then, we want to make sure the Webinar is made available in a course. This is where we will link to the Creating and Updating a Course article for more details on how to add modules to a course.

Launching a MS Teams Webinar as Admin

  1. Go to the Webinar Module listing page in the Admin Dashboard (in the sidebar Course -> Webinars) and click on the Launch button for the Webinar you wish to launch. You will automatically be brought to the session.