Adding additional seats to a Group

This article explains how you can add or remove available seats from Groups on the platform. Maybe a company you have sold seats to before is looking to add more for additional students, or perhaps some seats need to be removed. Regardless, it is helpful for you to understand how easy it is to go into the setting for a Group and make changes to the number of seats they can use to provide courses to their students.

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab in your Admin Dashboard. You can find it in the sidebar on the left.

  2. Find the Group in the table that you are looking to change the seats for, and click on the triple-dot icon on the right.

  3. From the drop-down, select Edit, which allows you to make any desired edits to that Group, including to the number of seats.

  4. The page you are redirected to might seem familiar if you have manually created a Group before. In the bottom of the page you will find the Update Course(s) and Seats section. Here you are able to select courses from the platform, provide the number of seats, and add them to the Group. You can also find already added courses in the table below, and you can choose to change the quantity of seats for each course, or remove them altogether by clicking on the red trash icon on the right hand side. And lastly, make sure you click the Update Group button to save the changes.