Student Experience with Certificates

Be sure to review our overview of Certificate guides: Using Certificates of Completion in the Platform

Once your certificate of completion is added to a Course, Students will qualify to receive the certificate once they have successfully completed the Course.

This guide will show you how a Student will find certificates for completed Courses, and how they can save their own PDF copy.

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Student Experience with Certificates


All certificates awarded to a Student can be found in the My Certificates section of the Student dashboard.


Students will see each of their awarded certificates listed by Course.


Awarded certificates will be available to download as a PDF.


When a Student completes a Course and a certificate is awarded, they will also be able to view their progress in the Course, as well as launch the Course again.


Launching a completed Course will display the Student's stats from the Course.

Next Step

Once your certificate has been created and added to a Course, it will be awarded automatically upon the successful completion of the Course. However, if an issue arises where you need to manually control how your certificates are awarded, you will be able to do so. For more information on how to manually award a certificate, remove a certificate, adjust the date issued, or download a copy of a certificate, please view our guide on how certificates are managed: