Add a Certificate to a Course

Be sure to review our overview of Certificate guides: Using Certificates of Completion in the Platform

Once your certificate of completion is created, you'll want to add it to a Course. When the Student successfully completes the Course, they will be automatically awarded the certificate, and will be able to download a PDF copy to keep. 

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to add your certificate to a Course.

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Add Certificate to a Course

Certificates are added to an individual Course on that Course's curriculum page. It is possible to use the same certificate for multiple Courses, if you wish. 


Find your list of Courses through the dashboard at Courses > All Courses


Choose to edit your Course through the Actions menu.


In Step 3: Grading & Certificates, you can select the certificate you would like to add, as well as an optional grading criteria and a minimum passing percentage for graded Courses. 

Next Step

Now that your certificate has been added to a Course, you'll want to learn about the Student experience with certificates. This guide will walk you through that process: