View Your Certificates

Be sure to review our overview of Certificate guides: Using Certificates of Completion in the Platform

Once your certificates have been created, this guide will show you where to find your certificates in the dashboard.

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Admin View of Certificates


Certificates are found in the dashboard at Courses > Certificates


The Certificates page will list all certificates, as well as the Courses that are associated with them and will reward them upon completion.


Selecting the name of a certificate will take you to the Edit Certificate Template page, where you can download a preview PDF of your certificate by selecting the Preview button.

Student View of Certificates


All certificates awarded to a Student can be found in the My Certificates section of the Student dashboard.


Students will see each of their awarded certificates listed by Course.


Awarded certificates will be available to download as a PDF.

Next Step

Now that you have seen where certificates are located, you'll want to learn more about adding certificates to Courses. This guide will help you through that process: