Adding a User

Be sure to review our overview of users: Introduction to Users

New users can be individually added by an Admin through the dashboard. This method will allow the Admin to create a new user with either an Admin, Group Admin, or Student role. 

For bulk enrolling a large number of Students in a course at once, the Bulk Upload option may be the best route.

Once the user account has been created, the person will be notified via automated email.

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Add an Individual User


An Admin can add a new individual user by navigating to the Users > All Users section of the dashboard.


On the All Users page, select Add User.


Fill in the field for First Name, Last Name, and Email.


In the Password field, choose a password for your new user. 

We recommend a password that is between 6 and 22 characters long with at least one lowercase, uppercase, number, and symbol.

The password you choose will be shared with the new user. It is recommended that they change their password immediately after logging in for the first time.


In the Select Role field, you will need to choose what type of user you will be creating. You can create an Admin, a Group Admin, or a Student. 

For more information on user roles and permissions, please review our guide: User Roles and Permissions


Select Save User to complete the user creation.

New Account Automated Email


The new user will be notified via automated email that an account was created for them. The New Account automated email will be sent immediately following the user creation.


The New Account email template can be found through the dashboard at Settings > Email > Accounts > New Account

The content of the automated email can be edited at any time. 

You can also choose to enable or disable this email, to control whether it is sent automatically or not.

For more information on automated emails, please review our guide: Automated Email Settings


The New Account automated email will be delivered to the new user in its completed form.

Next Step

Now that you understand how to add a user, you will want to learn about how groups work, and how to create and manage them: