Manually Creating an Order/Invoice

Be sure to review our managing orders and invoices guide: Managing eCommerce Orders/Invoices

Be sure to review our overview of eCommerce Setup guides: Introduction to eCommerce

Orders and invoices for all purchases made on the platform will be created automatically. However, if you ever have an offline purchase made by a customer, you can still add that order information to your Academy of Mine account for accounting purposes, as well as more accurate organization and reporting.

This guide will show you how to create an order manually, to add it to your existing list of automated orders.

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Create a Manual Order


Orders can be found on the dashboard at eCommerce > Orders


Manual orders can be created by selecting the Add Order button.


Inside the Create Order page, you can add all the elements to build your manual order.


Select an existing user from the Select Customer dropdown menu.

If this is a new user, you will need to create a user account for them first in Users > All Users. The user must be on the existing user list to complete the order.


Add the Billing Address. 

If the user has an address saved, you can select it from the menu. Otherwise, you can add a new address.


Select the date of the purchase. For optimal accuracy, try to match the date to the date of your bank deposit.


Select the order status. For more information about the status types, please check the Managing eCommerce Orders/Invoices guide.


Add an order note. This is a crucial step in the manual order process, as it will help you identify this order later as a manual order, and not an automated order.

Set the note to Private for internal use, or Public for it to be viewable by the customer.


Add Products to the order by selecting from the list of existing Products. Also add the quantity of Products purchased.

Multiple Products can be added to the order one at a time.

Next Steps

Once the order creation has been completed, the order will be managed exactly the same as an automated order.

For more information on managing orders and invoices, please review our guide: Managing eCommerce Orders/Invoices