Integrating GoToWebinar for Live Webinars

GoToWebinar is a paid service, with many options for interacting with Students. Find out more about GoTo Webinar here.

If you already use GoToWebinar and would like to include live webinars in your Courses, this guide will help you get started. 

To get going with GoToWebinar, you'll need to tackle the following steps:

  • Set up your GoToWebinar Client credentials
  • Add your GoToWebinar Client credentials to Academy of Mine
  • Create your Webinar Module
  • Add your Module to your Course

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Setting Up Your GoToWebinar Client Credentials

Integrating GoTo Webinar with Academy of Mine will require a GoTo Client ID and Client Secret. Detailed instructions for creating and obtaining the Client ID and Secret can be found in the GoTo Developer Documentation


To start you will need to head to and navigate to OAuth Clients to create a new Client. 


Redirect URI

In the Details section, you will be asked to provide a Redirect URI. Please use the following link, replacing [youraccount] with your actual account name.



In the Scopes section, you can choose your permissions. We recommend selecting the GoToWebinar option and leaving the rest blank.

When you complete the process of creating a Client, you will be provided with a Client ID and Client Secret, which you can paste into your Academy of Mine Integration page.


Authorize the Integration

To finalize the integration, you must authorize GoToWebinar to access your Academy of Mine account. You can do this by selecting Allow on the Redirect URI after your Client has been created.

Adding Your GoToWebinar Client Credentials to Academy of Mine


Returning to your Academy of Mine account, the GoToWebinar integration can be found on the Integrations page of your dashboard.


Select Manage to link your GoToWebinar account to Academy of Mine.


Your newly created Client ID and Client Secret can be added to the GoToWebinar Integration Settings.


Lastly, you must Enable GoToWebinar. If Enable is turned off, your integration will not function, even if it has been set up correctly. 

This setting can be changed in the GoToWebinar Settings page, or on the Integrations page itself.

Once your GoToWebinar account is integrated, you can use it to schedule webinars in your courses by creating Webinar Modules

Create a Webinar Module

Modules are the building blocks of your Course. You can learn more about Modules in this Help Docs article.


To create your Module, head to the Courses > Webinars section of your dashboard, and select Create Webinar Module.


Give your Webinar Module a Name and a Brief Description that will be seen by your Students. Feel free to customize the text of your Brief Description, and even add HTML elements like images or videos.

Schedule Your Webinar Module


A GoToWebinar can be scheduled directly inside your Webinar Module. 


The Module requires you to set the Start Time and End Time of the meeting.

Keep in mind that the Start Time and End Time reflect the time zone set for your Academy of Mine account on the General Settings page


Modules can only be scheduled for one day. They cannot start on one day and end on another. If you have an event that will last multiple days, please create a separate Module for each day.

Add Your Webinar Module to Your Course

When you have finished scheduling your webinar, you will need to add your Webinar Module to your Course. This can be done on the Curriculum page of your Course.


First, find your Course in the All Courses section of your dashboard.


Then select Edit your Course from the Actions menu. If you don't already have a Course, you can select Create Course at the top of the page.


In Step 2, Curriculum, you can add your created Webinar Module by searching for it by name in the existing module field.


Once added to your Course, you can set the availability of the Module and the minimum time spent inside. 

Since Webinar Modules meet at a specific time, it is recommended that you set the availability to Fixed Date and choose the day of the webinar. 

You can also set the minimum time spent in the Module to match the duration of your webinar.

Instructor Experience of a Webinar Module


Instructors and other co-organizers of a GoToWebinar will be sent an email confirmation. You can choose to use the Join Webinar button to launch your webinar.


Instructors can also launch the webinar directly from their installed GoToWebinar app. 

Selecting My Webinars from the app will open your GoToWebinar dashboard in your browser.


The webinar can be launched from the Upcoming Events listings in the GoToWebinar dashboard.


Starting the webinar will launch the GoToWebinar control panel. The webinar will not officially begin until the Instructor turns on their microphone, camera, or shares their screen and then selects Start Broadcast.


The control panel will allow you to share your computer's audio, camera, or screen with Students. You can also record your webinar, keep track of Student attendance, and launch polls and questions.


When finished, closing the control panel will allow you to end the webinar for all participants.


After closing the webinar, the GoToWebinar Video Library will open in a new browser tab as your webinar recording finishes processing.

Student Experience of a Webinar Module


Students automatically registered for your GoToWebinar will be sent an email confirmation and calendar invite.

They are welcome to add the webinar to their calendar but advise them to not use the Join Webinar button inside this email, and instead to launch the webinar from inside the Course.


Inside the Webinar Module, the details of the webinar will be displayed, with a Launch Webinar button that will open the GoToWebinar directly in the Student's browser. 

Near the Launch Webinar button, the Student will be notified of the status of the Meeting. They will be alerted that they can launch the webinar, or that the start time is Past. 


The webinar will be launched in a new tab in the browser, next to the Webinar Module tab.


The Student control panel is located on the right side of the browser. This includes audio controls and a Raise Hand function.


When the webinar is ended by the Instructor, a message will display, and the Student is free to close the browser tab and return to their Webinar Module.


When the Student leaves the webinar, their Webinar Module is changed to 100% Completed.