Integrating Zoom Meetings for Live Webinars

Zoom offers free or paid services, and allows you to create live and on-demand virtual events. Find out more about Zoom here.

If you already use Zoom and would like to include live webinars in your Courses, this guide will help you get started. 

To get going with Zoom, you'll need to tackle the following steps:

  • Set up your Zoom API credentials
  • Add your Zoom API credentials to Academy of Mine
  • Schedule your Zoom meeting
  • Create your Webinar Module
  • Add your Module to your Course

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Setting Up Your Zoom API Credentials


Integrating Zoom with Academy of Mine requires adding a JWT App API Key and API Secret from Zoom. If you don't have them already, detailed instructions for creating the JWT App Key and Secret can be found in the Zoom Developer Documentation


     First, head to the Zoom App Marketplace. In the Develop menu, select Build App.


     Then choose JWT and select Create.


     Create an app by adding your company's information and developer contact information. Select Continue to move to the next section.


     Copy your API Key and API Secret for use in your Academy of Mine integration.

Adding Your Zoom API Credentials to Academy of Mine


Returning to your Academy of Mine account, the Zoom integration can be found on the Integrations page of your dashboard.


Select Manage to link your Zoom account to Academy of Mine.


After creating your JWT API Key and JWT API Secret, they can be added to the Zoom Integration Settings.


Lastly, you must Enable Zoom. If Enable is turned off, your integration will not function, even if it has been set up correctly. 

This setting can be changed in the Zoom Settings page, or on the Integrations page itself.

Once your Zoom account is integrated, you can use it to schedule webinars in your courses by creating Webinar Modules

Schedule Your Zoom Meeting

Before you can create your Webinar Module, a Zoom Meeting must first be created inside your Zoom account. 


In Zoom, head to the Schedule section to create your meeting. 


Make sure to collect your Meeting ID and Meeting Passcode for later use in your Webinar Module.

Create a Webinar Module

Modules are the building blocks of your Course. You can learn more about Modules in this Help Docs article.


To create your Module, head to the Courses > Webinars section of your dashboard, and select Create Webinar Module.


Give your Webinar Module a Name and a Brief Description that will be seen by your Students. Feel free to customize the text of your Brief Description, and even add HTML elements like images or videos.

Schedule Your Webinar Module


A Zoom Meeting must first be created inside your Zoom account. 

Once you have the Meeting ID and Meeting Passcode, you can schedule your webinar inside the Webinar Module.


The Module requires you to set the Start Time and End Time of the meeting.

Keep in mind that the Start Time and End Time reflect the time zone set for your Academy of Mine account on the General Settings page


You'll then need to add the Zoom Meeting ID with no spaces, and then the Zoom Meeting Passcode.

Add Your Webinar Module to Your Course

When you have finished scheduling your webinar, you will need to add your Webinar Module to your Course. This can be done on the Curriculum page of your Course.


First, find your Course in the All Courses section of your dashboard.


Then select Edit your Course from the Actions menu. If you don't already have a Course, you can select Create Course at the top of the page.


In Step 2, Curriculum, you can add your created Webinar Module by searching for it by name in the existing module field.


Once added to your Course, you can set the availability of the Module and the minimum time spent inside. 

Since Webinar Modules meet at a specific time, it is recommended that you set the availability to Fixed Date and choose the day of the webinar. 

You can also set the minimum time spent in the Module to the duration of your webinar.

Instructor Experience of a Zoom Meeting in a Webinar Module


The Instructor will launch the scheduled Meeting directly from their Zoom app, using their camera or screen sharing as they would normally.


Inside the Zoom Meeting, the Instructor acting as the Zoom Host will be able to view the active Student participants, control audio and video sharing, and chat.


Instructors will also be able to share their screen with Students.


When finished, the Instructor can end the Meeting for all participants.

Student Experience of a Zoom Meeting in a Webinar Module


Inside the Module, the details of the webinar will be displayed, with a Launch Webinar button that will open the Zoom meeting directly in the Student's browser. 

Near the Launch Webinar button, the Student will be notified of the status of the Meeting. They will be alerted that they can launch the webinar, or that the start time is Past


The Zoom Meeting will launch inside the same browser tab as the Webinar Module. 

If requested by the Instructor's Meeting settings, the Student will wait to be admitted by the Instructor.


Students will have the option to control audio and video sharing, as well as chat. Screen Sharing will be turned off by default.

The Student's name in the meeting will be the name they have given for their Course.


When a Student leaves the Meeting, they will be returned to the main Course page.


When the Student leaves the webinar, their Webinar Module is changed to 100% Completed.