Managing Student Certificates

For more information on creating a certificate and adding it to a Course, please review our guide: Using Certificates of Completion in the Platform

Be sure to review our overview of users: Introduction to Users

Receiving a certificate is a critical component for many Students. It's the proof that they have completed a Course and acquired the knowledge found within. Understanding how to manage or modify Student certificates is very important. 

This guide will show you where to find awarded certificates, and how to manually award a certificate.

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Managing Certificates

1. Certificates for an individual Student can be found through the All Users page, by heading to Users > All Users in the dashboard.

2. Find your Student on the All Users page. Then use the Actions menu to select View Certificates.

3. On the Student's Certificates page, you will find all of the certificates they have been issued. 

Here you will have the option to download a copy of the certificate, delete the certificate, or edit the issue date.

4. Selecting Edit Certificate will allow you to change the issue date. 

Manually Awarding a Certificate

It is possible for a Student to be awarded a certificate without completing the Course or having their Course progress status reach 100%. If a situation ever arises that calls for it, an Admin or a Group Admin can manually award a certificate to a Student. 


The list of Students enrolled in a Course can be found on the Manage Course page. The Manage Course page can be found through the dashboard at Courses > All Courses

And then selecting the name of your Course from the list, or using the Actions menu to select Manage Course.


On the Manage Course page, find your Student. Then open the Actions menu and select Assign Certificate.


You also have the option of downloading a copy of the certificate from the Actions menu on the Manage Course page.


The Student will then be able to view or download a copy of their certificate through their own dashboard at My Certificates.